Valentina Raffaelli and her “Herbarium Taste”

Valentina Raffaelli and her “Herbarium Taste”

Valentina Raffaelli is an Italian architect and designer and, like all good Italians, always speaks about food, this time with a tasty project, highly communicative and extremely delicious, “Herbarium Taste”.

Valentina started from the statement, often forgotten, that “we are what we eat” and through this work, she’s trying to educate people in an easy and affective way about the nutritional and health benefits of certain food.
How can a designer do this? Through technical but simple illustrations, and gorgeous pictures of delicious plates, made with these vegetables or fruits.

As a work in progress project, each one of these foodstuffs is collected and presented like an old Herbarium.

A series of pop-up events are also planed to give an interactive touch and to present as special guest a new food-subject once a week that, finally, everybody can taste.


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